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I’m Krish aka the Aussie Londoner! After a gloriously life-changing two years in Old Blighty followed by a year of toughing it out in Sydney, I am finally back in the home of the greatest coffee on the planet. That’s Melbourne, in case you missed it.

As a self-confessed travel addict, I am constantly consumed with thoughts of exotic destinations and the source of my next grand adventure, but I also choose another form of escapism. Books. Reading has always been a passion of mine, but as I’ve gotten older, I have discovered so much more within the pages of my beloved novels; solitude in a bustling city, comfort during challenging times and companionship when a friend was hard to find.

This bucket list journey is about rediscovering that ‘something’ which we sometimes lose, or even push away. It’s about making the most of this one wild and crazy life we’ve been given. It’s about realising that life isn’t perfect, but knowing that we can fill it with perfect moments. So eventually, when the moment comes, we’ll say that we did it all.

Join in the fun as I share my bucket list adventures, book reviews, travel adventures and tales of a life down under so that we can all make the most of this one precious life together.

xx Krish xx


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