Touchwood Cafe, Richmond

Bridge Road. It is one of the most popular strips in Melbourne. Home to a number of clothing factory outlets, restaurants and bars, it is a weekend hotspot for locals. As every Melbournian knows, however, no perfect weekend is complete without brunch and one of the best brunches can be found at Touchwood Cafe.

touchwood cafe melbourne

From the outside, Touchwood may not seem like anything special. Trust me on this though, don’t judge this book by its cover. As soon as you step through the doors, the sheer space of the establishment smacks you right in the face. Nothing will actually hit you in the face though, because it’s so BIG and spacious. It’s all white space, exposed beams, brick and arches. The perfect backdrop for a colourful brunch experience.

My brunching partner and I were welcomed by the friendly staff and ushered through a couple of beautiful arches to our table. I believe my love of arches stems from a childhood spent watching Play School where the poor arch window was never chosen. Yeah…I feel sorry for carrot cake too. Seated in the spacious adjoining back room, we were perfectly positioned between the sunny open courtyard and the kitchen. Location, location, location.

Deciding what to have at brunch is never a fun task for me. Personally, I believe having to decide between sweet and savoury is too much to ask before coffee. The solution? Take a friend and order both. Everybody wins. If your friend isn’t down with that, then find a new friend. Sorry, but it’s a cut throat world and we have a lot of brunch to get through.

touchwood cafe avocado toastAvocado Toast #2 – Feta, mint, pickled red onion and house smoked salmon

Avo on toast is considered the holy grail of brunch and at Touchwood, you can choose between two delectable options. Avocado Toast #1 is fully decked out with beetroot relish, burnt lime, pickled red onion, coriander, mixed seeds and sumac salt. We opted for Avocado Toast #2, a creamy combo of feta, mint, pickled red onion and house smoked salmon. Now, if you take nothing else from this post, take note of this: picked onion is the key to happiness. Yeah, it’s that good. So good in fact that it will have you re-enacting that scene from When Harry Met Sally.

The “dessert” course of our brunch was all about the waffles. Wholemeal waffles with fresh berries, peanut butter mascarpone, maple syrup, almond flakes and strawberry dust. STRAWBERRY DUST! Like something made by a friggin’ fairy and served by a unicorn. So magical.

touchwood cafe wafflesWholemeal waffles with fresh berries, peanut butter mascarpone, maple syrup, almond flakes and strawberry dust

Holding on to some concept of healthy eating, we treated ourselves to a couple of Health Lattes and called it day. A pink latte with beetroot, soy milk and honey and a golden latte with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, soy milk and honey. Perfectly warming and just the ticket.

From crumpets to tacos, nasi goreng to curried pumpkin; Touchwood has a taste to suit everyone.

To view the full menu click here.


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