onward ever backwards never: the bucket list begins

The travelling life; it has taken me on the most life changing, exhilarating, challenging, turbulent and thrilling adventures, from Melbourne to London to Sydney. Ironically, I was never the one who dreamt of a life far across the seas, away from my beloved sunburnt country. Those dreams were reserved for my sister. I was a lover of travel, most definitely, but some great comfort lay in knowing I could venture off into the great unknown and discover the culture of Paris, the glorious chaos of New York City and the homeliness of Malaysia but always return home to my mum’s cooking. (In my defence, if you had tried her world famous butter chicken, you would be running home too!)

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How starting a bucket list can help you overcome your fears.

I had not only let fear in, but I had let it grab the reigns and steer me in whichever direction it chose. Now don’t get me wrong, a little fear is healthy, but we should never let it gain full control. I also don’t know why I was holding on so tightly to my life in Melbourne. Yes, I had great friends. I was working for a fantastic company, sure. I had a great life, but something was missing…

The biggest leap of faith I ever took was leaving my corporate tax life with no idea whatsoever as to what my life’s calling may be. I could never have taken that leap, however, without my parents and their undying support. My dad, in particular, gave me the courage to fight for the life I dreamt of, instead of settling for the life I had. So I took that exit off the accounting highway and let me tell you, I have never once looked back.

My two years in London were, without a shadow of a doubt, the best of my life…to date. “To date” is the key point here. You know that pursuit of happiness we all seem to embark upon? I firmly believed I had found my ultimate happiness during those two years; that life couldn’t possibly get any better. The perfect job. The most perfect friends. The perfect life. Here’s the problem with that: Perfection can be a dangerous yard stick. It often skews our life view, setting us up for failure, which is exactly what I did; set myself up for failure. When my visa expired and I was forced to leave London, I dug my heels in and convinced myself that my life would never again be so good; and so began the self-sabotage.

This bucket list journey is therefore about rediscovering that ‘something’ which we sometimes lose, or even push away. It’s about making the most of this one wild and crazy life we’ve been given. It’s about realising that life isn’t perfect, but knowing that we can fill it with perfect moments. So eventually, when the moment comes, we’ll say, “I, I did it all.”

Begin your bucket list journey with the book that started it all for me – “My Bucket List” from Axel & Ash. Check out their website for details.