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  • My Bucket List:The Literary Edit
    Bucket List

    My Bucket List: The Literary Edit

    My Bucket List Interview Series These days, it seems most everyone has a bucket list. We are dreamers, we are travellers, we are students of the world. Whether it’s travelling to…

  • Bucket List Travel

    #42: Visit Byron Bay

    You may wonder, how it is that “visit Byron Bay” made its way onto my cherished bucket list? Well, I assure you it was no easy feat curating a list of…

  • Bucket list-starting a blog
    Bucket List

    #23: Start a Blog

    I was an accountant. A tax accountant, for that matter. I never thought anyone would be interested in anything I had to say. Moreover, I didn’t believe I actually had anything…

  • live abroad london big ben
    Bucket List Travel

    #28: Live Abroad

    It may seem like a little bit of a cheat putting “live abroad” on my bucket list, since I had technically already ticked it off before this journey even began. This particular item,…

  • onward ever backwards never: the bucket list begins
    Bucket List Travel

    The Beginning Of My Bucket List

    The travelling life; it has taken me on the most life changing, exhilarating, challenging, turbulent and thrilling adventures, from Melbourne to London to Sydney. Ironically, I was never the one who dreamt of…


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