My Bucket List Interview Series

These days, it seems most everyone has a bucket list. We are dreamers, we are travellers, we are students of the world.

Whether it’s travelling to Italy, taking a cooking class, learning a language or writing a book; these are the experiences that change us. After all, that’s what a bucket list is all about, right?

So, to help you create your best life, I present you with the brand new My Bucket List Interview Series, featuring some of my very favourite bloggers and their bucket lists!

First up is one of my favourite humans: Lucy from The Literary Edit to provide you with some serious inspiration for your bucket list.

About Lucy (The Literary Edit)

Lucy Pearson: The Literary Edit

Lucy is an ardent and avid reader with a penchant for travel. Now a freelance writer and editor of The Literary Edit, she lived in London for five years before moving to Sydney where she currently resides…despite the country’s multiple attempts at kicking her out. (You can read about her misadventures on the blog!) Her favourite pastimes are books, brunches and beaches. 

So, without further ado, have a sneak peek at what made the top 10 of Lucy’s bucket list!


I’ve long been a lover of lists. Few things are quite as satisfying as making a list – whether it’s a to-do list in the morning stating an intention to complete tasks by the day’s end, or a lifelong bucket list, that – with meticulously planning, sheer determination and a pinch of chance – you might just manage to finish by the time you kick the metaphorical bucket.

Prior to reaching the ripe old age of thirty, there were a number of things I wanted to achieve by the eve of my milestone birthday. Namely, to finish reading the BBC Top 100, to run a marathon (without dying – something I was fearful of in the lead up to the big day), to move abroad, and to have a book review published in print. While there was, of course, a great deal of satisfaction in ticking each task off my list, I was soon looking for new experiences to replace them with.

As an avid and ardent reader and writer with a penchant for travel, it’s not surprising that it’s a literary-heavy bucket list, featuring some far flung destinations. So if, like me, you’re a reader with a love for all things literary, read on for the ultimate bookish bucket list.

1. Work at Shakespeare & Co.

One of the world’s best loved literary institutions, Shakespeare and Co. is undoubtedly one of the world’s best bookstores. Opposite the Notre Dame and with ample nooks and crannies filled with endless tales and tomes, working there would be a lifelong dream come true. Whilst I’m yet to train my taste buds to like coffee, and daily croissants would be an extravagance that would soon find its way to my hips, I have visions of renting a shoe-box apartment filled with books, with a balcony and stone floors, and starting the morning on said balcony with the aforementioned coffee and croissants before cycling in for a day’s work at Paris’s most famous bookshop. I would of course speak fluent French in this particular day dream. If that isn’t a slice of Parisian literary heaven, I’m not quite sure what is!

2. Visit the NY State Library

Having grown up on a balanced diet of books and back-to-back Sex and the City, I hope to one day visit the library made famous by the-wedding-that-never-happened between Carrie and Mr Big. New York is at the very top of my bucket list, and this beautiful library will be my first stop once I finally touch down in the Big Apple.


3. Stay at Book and Bed Tokyo

Any bookworm worth their salt will have seen pictures of the famous “accommodation bookshop” in Tokyo where guests can sleep surrounded by books. While Japan has never been a country I’ve longed to visit, I would make the trip purely for the chance to stay at this little slice of bookish heaven.

4. Take part in Joyce Maynard’s Write By The Lake workshop

I absolutely adore the writer Joyce Maynard, and in her recent memoir The Best of Us, she mentioned numerous times that she had a house in Guatemala overlooking the lake. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she runs yearly writing retreats at said house. Suffice it to say, they look and sound amazing. Combined with the opportunity to meet another author I hold in such high esteem, it is certainly the sort of thing for which bucket lists were made.

5. Visit Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Much to my dismay, I’m yet to visit Edinburgh. Despite spending almost thirty years living in the UK prior to moving down under, for some unbeknown  reason I never made a trip there. So what better time to see Scotland’s most scenic city than while its famous arts festival is in full swing?

Edinburgh fringe festival - arts scene

6. Write a Book

Writing a book has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I have two half-finished manuscripts, as well as two further ideas for books, and it’s a long held frustration of mine that I’ve not yet achieved this particular task. I hope that one day I manage to achieve this dream, however old and grey I might be when I type the final page. And while finding a publisher for said book would be a bonus, writing has always been a very therapeutic and personal pastime of mine; so even if I’m the only one who ever reads the book, I will be able to die in comfort, safe in the knowledge that I did the one thing I truly believe I was born to do. Write.

7. Visit the Jaipur Literary Festival

I visited India when I was a nineteen-year-old backpacker and fell in love with the streets of Jaipur. So it goes without saying, that if I ever return, I would love to do so when the city’s literary festival is on; the perfect way to fuse my penchant for travel with my love for literature.

8. Stay at La Librairie du Marais

A contributor for my site recently visited Paris Boutik’s La Librairie suite in Paris, which is the perfect fusion of a real Marais bookshop, and a luxury boutique apartment. Alas, as much as I wanted to visit, the distance from Sydney made the trip impossible. So, next time I’m in Europe, I will make it my mission to visit this hidden literary gem in the heart of the city’s Le Marais district.

Paris Boutik La Librairie SuiteImage credit: The Literary Edit

9. Have a library

Is it possible for a bookworm to watch Beauty and the Beast without coveting the grand library that the Beast gifts to Belle? While the size and scale may be grander than the sort I’ll ever own, and while I’m unsure of the location or build of my dream-house-of-the-future, one thing I know for sure is that it will have a fully stocked library…and hopefully a ladder.

10. Run The Open Book bookshop in Wigtown

Like many other readers, I’ve always wanted to run my own bookshop. While it’s true that owning one may be a million light years away, the brilliantly bookish Wigtown in Scotland boasts an Airbnb complete with bookshop that guests can run. What could be better than a week spent in Scotland’s famous book town, living out your literary dreams working as a bookseller?

I hope you’ve got some serious inspiration for your bucket list now! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the most of this one wild and precious life.


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