The Real Estate Rollercoaster

real estate rollercoaster

That perfect moment when…

…you step over the threshold and know that you are home. That incredible feeling you get when it just ‘fits’. The home that was yours the second you laid eyes on it. I have had a few of these perfect moments over the course of the past few months during this delightful hellishness known as house hunting…or at least, I thought I had.

My friend Sarah and I have been on the hunt for almost three months now, which may not seem like a long time to the seasoned hunter, but think of it this way: if you went to a theme park and rode on a rollercoaster for three months straight, that would seem like the most ludicrously long, belly-flipping, nausea-inducing experience of your life, right? Stay with me on this. The analogy may seem farfetched, but I can only describe this real estate game as something akin to the Tower of Terror.

You’re strapped in ready to go on the ride of your life, with the very real possibility that you will scream your lungs out at some point (not entirely dissimilar to the feelings that arise when you are engaging with real estate agents on a regular basis). You begin the climb, gazing wide-eyed around you, eager to see what lies ahead. This is the best way I can describe how we felt when we began this journey; so excited, so ready for anything. (Such feelings may have since faded somewhat). Then you reach the top, teetering on the edge and you wait. You’ve hit the submit button on your application and it shoots off into cyberspace, set to battle it out on your behalf. Then, before you know it, you are rapidly heading back down to earth with your stomach making a valiant attempt to migrate north.

Right now you are quite possibly thinking I’ve completely lost the plot, describing this insane, stomach-churning ride as one of life’s perfect moments?! Here it is, though: it wouldn’t be that thrilling to ride on a rollercoaster that was all smooth sailing like a Sunday drive through the countryside, would it? Plus, even though you’ve reached the bottom and feel as though your stomach can’t handle another flip, the best part is still to come. It’s the climb (the rollercoaster/real estate version, not Miley’s). It’s the excitement of discovering what lies beyond the next turn. (It might also be the occasional thought that you’ll legitimately have to discover a love for camping.) It’s the hope that simply refuses to die, because maybe, just maybe, this time you won’t fall.


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